New Zip Codes

A new Zip Code for Mobile Home Residents

In the United States, ZIP codes are a type of postal code. Individuals who mail letters or packages via the United States Postal Services (USPS) must write the code as part of the address. This five-digit code helps ensure that parcels get to their intended destination faster. The acronym zip, which stands for Zone Improvement Plan, suggests speed and swiftness.

Therefore zip codes play an important role in society. However, from the very young to the retired, the poor, unhoused (homeless), unemployed, the well-to-do are now residing, and at times working, from their vehicle, camper, or automobile for the majority of their time.

There are many reasons why people choose to live in a vehicle, camper, or automobile, from the soaring cost of living in their state to personal preferences.

Whatever the reasons or circumstances people live in what I call a mobile home, I believe a new zip code designation is required to ensure people are adequately served for the public benefit.

As a Congressional candidate in California, this is all the more pressing for so many Californians, particularly Californian families.

An easy-to-register zip code for mobile home dwellers would facilitate unhoused families living in a mobile home to register their kids for school, find work, and acquire some sense of inclusion in society.

Likewise, a future Department of Technology, as envisioned and proposed here, would facilitate the digital certification, security, and intergovernmental agency acceptance at the local, county, and state level to make all this possible; such as a unique mobile home address and email address for the resident for official use.

For example:

Mary Anna Smithe
Y123456789 (Driver’s License Number in place of a street address)
Zip Code 97021-5088 (unique zip code based on location)

The Email address for Mary Anna Smithe would be [email protected]

In summary, some individuals will embrace a new zip code schema designated for the mobile home dwellers, and others will not. Participation would be voluntary.

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