Thank you for being so interested in the Department of Technology project initiative.

Our Fourth Industrial Revolution powered by the Internet, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and other technologies are eliminating, influencing, or reshaping various industries faster than anytime in modern history.

Therefore, we need the right people in Congress that competently understand technology to legislate for reasonable, safe, and adequate laws that offer a genuine public benefit for Americans and our businesses.

We need America First technology based laws passed in Congress that empower our local businesses to drive job growth and revenue generation; not replacing American workers and local revenues with foreign companies.

I am your experienced technologist America First Republican to get the job done for our 40th Congressional District, California, and the country.

As your America First candidate for Congress, now more than ever, we need our members at the federal level of lawmaking to explore, draft, propose and pass legislation in Congress that meaningfully has an enduring public benefit.

Having a new cabinet-level position called the Secretary of Technology to head a newly created federal agency called the Department of Technology would be a great start to ensure America remains a technological leader in the industry, innovation, and commerce.

Likewise, like all federal agencies, a genuine need exists for transparency, accountability, and public participation.

Therefore my proposal calls for a Department of Technology at a state-level and county level for adequate checks and balances to detect, prevent, and prosecute government overreach that employs technology to undermine, attack, or impair American citizens inalienable rights; such as but not limited to election integrity, privacy rights, free speech, and so much more!

Attorney Generals of every state serve an essential role in ensuring the rule of law statewide. Likewise, as I envision here, a statewide agency called the Department of Technology would operate in a similar capacity.

Examples of the who, what, when, where, when, why, and how a federal, statewide, and county level Department of Technology would have a public benefit will be posted on this Internet soon!